Mobile Application Development

Everybody now a days does have Smartphones. This is era of present and future and with new technology emerging its going to stay longer. Along with new concept arise as called IOT “internet of Things”.

Now a days Application for Mobile is necessity and business are growing by application. By making a mobile application for your business is basically driving sales in an intelligent way.

Mobile Applications are effective only when they are intriguing, innovative and user-friendly. If you want your brand name to shine, it is time offer your consumers with apps that they would love to have!

We Build Awesome Mobile Apps in Android & iOS !

At Bluewater360,We not only have experts to design and develop Your mobile application but we always bring on the vision of our client with intuitive output. Before starting any project for our clients,  we go into deep analysis of Your Business to fully understand  the objective and develop a solution. After that, we bring all our years of exp to build sustainable, functional & creative mobile apps for our clients.When you need feature-rich mobile applications for iPhone, Android or Windows, there is no place better than Bluewater360

The R&D team of Lets Nurture knows where the world is going. It is always on its toes to know about the latest developments happening with iBeacons based mobile application, wearables and bluetooth sensors . Our experts have an in-depth know-how of mobile technology which when coupled with research of your domain is sure to deliver great results.

Our Mobile App Development Infrastructure

  • All Screen Size Android Devices (3″ to 10″)
  • All iOS Devices ( iPhone 3G to iPhone 8 and above )
  • In-House Beacons / Sensors / Chromecast
  • Experts in Linux & Mac OS

Our Hands on Experience with Mobile App Development

  • In App Purchase
  • iBeacons
  • Sensors
  • Audio / Video Player
  • Instagram kind Effects
  • Geo Fencing / Geo Location
  • ShareKit
  • Apple Watch App
  • Wikitude (Augmented reality)
  • Social Networking APIs (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Apps for Android Wear
  • Material Design
  • Barcode/QR code/Card scanner
  • Yandex Maps
  • Bing Maps
  • Google Maps
  • iCloud Integration
  • Active Developer Community Members
  • ASIHTTPRequest
  • RedLazer API (Barcode scanner)
  • Payment Systems (PayPal, DataTrans)
  • Spritekit
  • Storage Access Framework (Integration with cloud service providers)
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Chromecast / TV Apps
  • SQLLite

Our Mobile Application Development Process

(Android / iOS) Development

Bluewater360 has offered one-of-a-kind mobile applications to its client base. It involves making unique apps for industries including E-commerce, Entertainment, Finance, Health & Care, Information Technology, Politics, Real-estate as well as Sports.

Uploading App on your App store

Bluewater360 just not develop but also have responsibility to follow guideline for uploading your app on app store. We will make sure that application goes live on Google Play Store & Apple Store.

Who Holds the Intellectual Property Rights of Mobile Application?

Your idea is your idea. We will handover well documented code repository at the end of our agreement. And we will not use or publish it in any of our publications without prior consent from customer. In short we understand you & we are a team.

  • All Screen Size Android Devices (3″ to 10″)
  • All iOS Devices ( iPhone 3G to iPhone 8 and above )
  • In-House Beacons / Sensors / Chromecast
  • Experts in Linux & Mac OS