Seabourn Luxury Cruises

Cruising on Seabourn is unlike any other form of travel. The experience is luxurious, yet relaxed … elegant, yet casual … sumptuous, yet understated.

From the first moment on board, complete with warm smiles and chilled champagne, guests feel at home with Seabourn. The carefully selected crew is passionate and dedicated to creating and delivering a perfect experience that most people only dream about. Our staff’s thoughtful, personal gestures – such as a complimentary Massage Moment or a refreshing sorbet while on deck – seem to appear out of nowhere. This intuitive, personalized service is a way of life on Seabourn.

The Seabourn staff offers a unique style of heartfelt hospitality that is sincere, thoughtful and personal. Crew members are hand-picked and recruited from the world’s most prestigious hospitality schools and apprentice programs. They are trained and managed to engage with guests. Likewise the captains and officers are expected and encouraged to engage with guests. Because our ships are smaller and carry fewer guests, officers can become acquainted with most of them in a short period of time, and like the crew, many of our guests count them as friends.

Seabourn Journeys are fully escorted, multi-day tours available on select itineraries. These special adventures are offered as optional pre-cruise, mid-cruise, or post-cruise packages. Included are transportation throughout the tour, deluxe hotels and in-depth guided tours.