Street View FAQ’s

Potential customers can search for a business via its name on Google. They can then see images displayed directly on the page that results from their search. Individuals who use Google+ Local, Google Maps & Google Search will also find that these images are displayed right along with other information provided to the client. Photographs can help to give potential clients a better sense of what the interior of the business looks and feels like. By using easy snippets of HMTL or other scripting code, these images can be linked straight off of a business' Website. The Google Business Photos site provides a plethora of information about how this can be done.ption
Trusted photographers can do a few things that business owners usually can't do themselves. They're specifically trained to take high quality interior shots, and they know how to compensate for low lighting conditions. They use rotating turrets mounted on tripods as well as fisheye lenses. There are people who know how to stitch them together into large single still frames once the photographs are uploaded to the search engine giant's servers. Software processing consists of sophisticated subroutines that stitch images together as well as HDR filters and various other technologies that can produce entire walkthroughs that business owners generally couldn't afford to make on their own.
Google Streetview for Business is a one-time fee that includes the photo shoot as well as the posting of the photos to Google's servers. The tour will be added to Google Maps, and there no other costs involved. Our Basic Business packages start at $360 and include top quality panoramas, moderated to enable a functional Tour and published to Google Maps
You can either give us a call at (219) 545-8282, or you can fill out the request form on our website and we'll get back to you. Scheduling is always quick & easy to meet your needs.
Virtual Tours are supposed to convey the feel of your business on any regular day, We only suggest basic cleaning.
We always work with you to determine which parts of the business to showcase and which to avoid. Most photo shoots will focus heavily on the main areas involved in customer interaction. These photo shoots are supposed to illustrate what it might be like to take a stroll through your business on a regular day,
Our photo shoots are always designed to be as non-disruptive as they could be, since we know that you're running a business. Our photographers always work around your schedule, and they'll help to select a convenient time. None of our photo shoots ever require any type of lightning or special setup, so you're welcome to stay open. It's generally a good idea to let customers and employees know what's going on, and it's best to have them avoid being in the view of the camera if at all possible.
We generally aim to have as few people in each of the shots as we possibly can.
You have to have the proper authority to allow Trusted Photographers access to the premises and then to subsequently allow Google to use the photographs. This means that owners, directors and managers are generally the only individuals who can grant the legal permission to conduct the photo session.
Yes, you will have full rights to the images. Keep in mind that you're going to license them out to Google in order for them to be published on Google Maps.